Light pictures


My "light pictures" are motifs that I have taken at dusk or in the dark. A restaurant, a kiosk, an ice cream parlor, an illuminated house, a sign. These are motifs where I am fascinated by the magic of light. To reproduce the effect of light in the photograph as I imagine it, I attach an LEDS behind the photographic print and highlight individual points that also glow in the original motif.

Although the pure photograph is able to depict the areas highlighted by the light, it is only through the lighting I have staged that I am able to make the scene visible as I have seen it and as I want to show it.

The luminosity adapts to the lighting conditions in which the image is shown. The darker the room, the brighter my subject shines. Without my intervention, the image would remain invisible in a dark room. But this way it shines and attracts the viewer's attention.


















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